What are the Three Webometrics Ranking of World Universities Indicators? 13 Mar 2023

Webometrics Ranking of World Universities

The Webometrics Ranking of World Universities is the best university resulting from the research of each university. So that tertiary institutions become the benchmark in this version of the ranking, and earlier this was measured including formal applications and formal scientific communication.

Webometrics is known as a ranking of bus universities around the world based on the scores of publications seen on the internet. The impact of these publications is evidenced by the large number of preference notes originating from outside the University.

What are the Three Webometrics Ranking of World Universities Indicators?

Webometrics is the most popular college alert system compared to other government systems. The aim of this government is to increase competitiveness, play the role of universities through university scientific publications and research.

The Webometrics Ranking of World Universities is needed to motivate universities and scholars to have websites that accurately reflect their activities. Webometrics uses three indicators to assess whether a university is feasible or not, the three indicators are as follows.


Visibility was the first indicator used for university rankings, reflecting the impact of the campus site city. This indicator is measured using the methodology of the number of external links related to campus opponents. Indicator measurement uses Ahref Majestic, with a visibility indicator weight of 50%.

Transparency or Openness

The second indicator used for ranking is transparency or openness. The methodology applied in this indicator is the number of citations or citations from the top 310 researchers. The top research citations have been updated and the numbers do not include the top 30 outliers. This indicator has used the source Google scholar profile, with a transparency element weight of 10%.

Research Quality

The next indicator is the quality of researchers which is a methodology for measuring the number of scientific publications in the top 10% of top research. The top research is the most cited research across 27 disciplines. With data taken from research in 2017 until the year that will be studied later. In analyzing this indicator, scimago is required with a measurement weight of 40%.

It should be noted that in the January edition of Webometrics, there are private campuses that also make up the top 25 rankings in Indonesia. According to the QS version, this campus is the campus with the easiest graduates to find work, so it is included in the category of the most worthy campus to be chosen.

What are the Tips to Increase Webometrics ranking?

After knowing the ins and outs of the ranking methodology indicators, of course there is a way to determine tips and tricks to increase rankings in Webometrics. There are lots of ways to increase rankings in Webometrics, one of which is to use the method below.

Increase the Quality and Quantity of Publications

Improving the quality and quantity of publications is a strategy suggested by Webometrics. This strategy is very important because the quality of publication will be largely determined by the number of site citations, especially in journals that have been posted on Google Scholar.

Webometrics can make various methodological or assessment indicator changes, but this needs to be improved. If you frequently update web info related to Webometrics, the college team will always be able to adjust the scoring indicator records.

Based on cases in 2021, in the end webometry does not carry out presence indicators which are mostly taken from Google search. This happened because the 5% rating weight was delegated to the exceller section to 40%. So the tricks that apply now may not necessarily apply tomorrow, because this assessment is a dynamic assessment and can even be different in each mid-year period.

Certainly the University can also communicate with each other with other higher education webmasters and follow the social media used by publications.

Forming a Special Team

A special team can also be formed because it is responsible for increasing the Webometrics ranking itself. With an existing team, all republication update processes to increase visibility will be more controlled.

In general, in large tertiary institutions this team already exists, because usually it has become one with the public relations department or even in the IT department. However, with the existing person in charge, then all conditions can be controlled properly and correctly.

Improve Website SEO

Website SEO must also be improved from the main website or other web publications, even though this ranking is not a matter of web competition. However, in reality SEO is very influential on the number of links that refer to the web of higher education institutions. These circumstances include write blocks by students or staff referring to campus web pages. The method is as follows:

  • The first way is to integrate your college journal engine into google scholar.

  • Suggest email with campus domain to register with Google scholar.

  • Maintain optimization of the institutional web server, especially during the assessment period.

  • If you are unable to play on complicated, small weight indicators, then you can focus on indicators with high weights.

  • Learn how each tool works, because the tools that will be used for Webometrics will be assessed

  • Try not to cheat to increase rankings. Because if the teaching and learning process is indeed difficult, the quality of our institution's publications will increase, which will have an impact on the logical consequences of ranking institutions globally.


Please note that Webometrics is not a web ranking, because it is based on published things from the internet or existing websites. Webometrics also does not perform web evaluations such as design, aesthetics, popularity or number of visits.