College Majors for Science Students 10 Jul 2024

College Majors for Science Students

For those of you who are currently in high school and will soon be studying at university, have you found a major that suits your interests, or are you still undecided? Apart from passion, you also have to choose based on your major in high school. For those of you who are currently still in high school and majoring in science, the following college study programs might be something you can consider.

Majors for Science Students with Good Job Opportunities

1. Department of Chemical Engineering

You will feel inspired when you listen to lessons that involve chemical elements. Maybe the Chemical Engineering major is the best for you. This study program will study a lot of natural sciences and chemical experiments, mathematics, and even design. Job opportunities after graduation are also widespread. You can work in research and development, petroleum experts, mining experts, and so on.

2. Department of Civil Engineering

You are a science major, but also like drawing. So there's no harm in considering civil engineering majors. Here, you will study various courses regarding the process of designing, building, and calculating the efficiency of a building or infrastructure. Therefore, it is not surprising that the lectures will touch a lot with mathematics and physics.

3. Department of Architecture

Not much different from civil engineering, there are also architectural study programs that really require the ability to calculate and draw. Entering this major means you can study knowledge about designing, building and constructing buildings by considering aesthetic and environmental aspects. Job opportunities after graduating also vary, from being a contractor to becoming an architectural consultant.

4. Informatics Engineering

Informatics engineering is also a college major for science students where job opportunities are great. In the midst of rapid technological progress, this study program certainly has a bright future, at least for the next 10 years.

Several types of jobs that require help from an information engineering graduate are web developers, web designers, application developers, and information technology consultants themselves.

5. Medical School

One college major for Science students that has great job opportunities over time is medicine. Indeed, medical school will take quite a long time, on average around seven years if you want to get a practice permit. Not to mention, if you want to study specialist knowledge, the study period will definitely take up to 10 years, but the results will be worth it.

6. Department of Naval Engineering

Naval engineering is also one of the study programs that you can choose if you majored in science in high school. Because it still has a technical aspect, this study program will touch on mathematics, drawing and computing. Job opportunities are also very diverse because they cover the government, oil and gas sector, and educational staff such as lecturers or teachers.

7. Majoring in mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering major could be one of your choices if you are still in science class. Although the career prospects of mechanical engineering graduates are often underestimated, they can also become office workers as maintenance planners or engineers.

8. Department of Nuclear Engineering

Among the other options, nuclear engineering may be the one you hear least about. This is natural, because not many universities have this study program. In fact, a nuclear engineering graduate can apply for jobs at the Nuclear Energy Supervisory Agency (BAPPETEN), the Ministry of Health, the National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN), the Ministry of National Development Planning, or international institutions.

9. Department of Pharmacy

For those of you who like biology, physics and chemistry at the same time, you can choose the pharmacy major as your next step. Here you will not only be guided on how to become a pharmacist, but also on how to mix food compounds, drinks and even cosmetics. So, you can become a researcher at a research institute or skincare company.

10. Department of Regional Planning and Urban Planning Engineering

Another major that is no less interesting for science students is Regional Planning and Urban Planning engineering. This study program is better known as Planology. So, apart from being involved a lot in the development process of an area, you will also do a lot of surveys in various places. Job opportunities are widespread in multinational companies such as McKinsey, Deloitte, and BCG or in the PUPR Ministry and Bappeda.

Campus with the Best Science Department

1. Airlangga University World Ranking 801–1000

Airlangga University's faculty of science and technology is at the top of the list of campuses with the best science majors. The undergraduate programs in this department are:

  • Bachelor of Mathematics Program.

  • Bachelor of Information Systems Program.

  • Bachelor of Statistics Program.

  • Physics Undergraduate Program.

  • Biomedical Engineering Bachelor's Program.

  • Undergraduate Chemistry Program.

  • Undergraduate Biology Program.

  • Environmental Engineering Bachelor Program.

This campus also has various scholarships for undergraduate programs including Bidikmisi, Scholarships from the Indonesian Ministry of Religion (PBSB / Santri Achievement Scholarship Program), Superior Seed Scholarships from UPTD Liponsos Kalijudan Surabaya and many others. There are even foreign scholarships, namely Van Deventer-Maas Stichting

2. Bandung Institute of Technology World ranking 801–1000th

The Institute of Technology ranks next as the campus with the best science majors. At ITB this department is in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA). FMIPA ITB is the oldest faculty in the field of mathematics and natural sciences in Indonesia, which was founded on October 6 1947 as Faculteit van Exacte Wetenschap. The study program includes:

  • Bachelor of Actuarial Program.

  • Undergraduate Astronomy Program.

  • Physics Undergraduate Program.

  • Undergraduate Chemistry Program .

  • Bachelor of Mathematics Program.

3. Hasanuddin University World ranking 801–1000th

Hasanuddin University is the next campus which occupies 3rd position. The field of science is in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) which offers study programs which on average are accredited A, including:

  • Bachelor of Actuarial Science Program.

  • Geophysics Undergraduate Program.

  • Undergraduate Chemistry Program.

  • Bachelor of Statistics Program.

  • Biology Undergraduate Program.

  • Computer Science Bachelor's Program.

  • Bachelor of Information Systems Program.


Those are some college majors for science students with great job opportunities as well as a choice of campuses with the best science majors that you can choose. Which one is closest to your interests? If you have decided on a major, don't forget to pay attention to the university.