Department of Management: Courses, Specializations and Job Opportunities 17 Nov 2023

Department of Management: Courses, Specializations and Job Opportunities

The Management Department is a study program at higher education that studies theories, concepts and practical applications related to organizational and business management. The Management Department has a long history and rapid growth. 

First, at the beginning of the 20th century, department management emerged in the United States in response to the need to learn the management techniques necessary to manage increasingly large and complex companies.

Courses You Can Take For Management Departments

The management major has a variety of subfields that students can specialize in based on their interest and career aspiration. Some popular subfields of management include human resources management, operations management, supply chain management, project management, and marketing management.

Each of these subfields has a unique set of skills and knowledge that students can gain by taking specialized courses. However, most management program require student to take courses in areas such as accounting, finance, operations, marketing, human resources, as well as organizational behavior.

In addition to these core courses, students may also be required to take courses in leadership, business ethics, statistics and strategic management. Many management programs offer elective courses that allow students to specialize in a particular sub-field or area of interest. Overall, the courses required for the management major provide students with a well-rounded education in business and management.

Management Department Courses

The following are the subjects you will study in the Management Department:

  • Introduction to Macroeconomics

  • Introduction to Business

  • Business Mathematics

  • Business Statistics

  • Basic Financial Accounting

  • Financial management

  • Human Resource Management

  • Marketing Management

  • Optimization Analysis

  • Cost accounting

  • Multivariate Statistics

  • Business Budgeting

  • Organizational behavior

  • Operational Management

  • Management Accounting

  • Managerial Economics

  • Business communication

  • Database Management

  • Management information System

  • Business Feasibility Study

  • Strategic Management

  • International Business

  • Leadership

  • Consumer behavior

  • Retail Management

  • Risk Management

  • Investment Management

  • Industrial relations

  • Business plan

  • Services Marketing

  • Business Negotiation Techniques

  • Organizational culture

  • International Financial Management

  • Change Management and Organizational Development

  • Business Projection Techniques

Management Department Specialization

The management department studies the responsibilities of managing a company or organization, which is briefly a branch of business science. Management courses are generally taught in business and economics major, but many universities in the world designate them as stand alone major

The scope of business and management is very broad, so there are specializations that you can choose according to your interests. At the start of the course you will receive basic learning material about business and management, you can choose to focus on a particular area.

The areas of specialization for management majors vary greatly, and will differ from one university to another. However, in general, here are 10 business and management specializations that you can choose from: Accounting, Administration, Marketing financial management (Marketing), Operational management, Entrepreneurial Economics, Human resource management, Transportation and logistics as well as Banking and finance.

Management Department Job Opportunities

Management majors are the most popular majors in Indonesia. Job opportunities in management majors are very broad and tempting, including:


Accountants are like the backbone of a company. They are the first people hired when a new company is founded and the last to be dismissed when the company goes bankrupt or goes out of business.

Generally, those who choose the profession of accountant are student studying management with a special interest in financial management. Liking Mathematics is an obligation if you want to be successful in this profession.

Business consultant

This job opportunity is one of the most frequently thought about by those taking Management courses. Are you one of them? Even though it sounds luxurious, Business Consultant salaries vary, depending on the company where they work.


Management courses are directly related to marketing. Therefore, it is not surprising that after graduating from Management studies, many people immediately consider this career.

For those who decide to concentrate on marketing management at college, you will learn how to manage product marketing, target markets, advertising, and much more. A reliable marketer is tasked with convincing many people to buy and start using the company's products or services in question.

Finance Staff

Finance staff and accountants both manage finances, but on different scales. If the finance department plays the role of the party who tries to obtain and receive money, then an accountant is the party who focuses on recording and grouping transactions carried out by the finance department.


Who says Management courses only focus on financial management? For those who are interested in HR management, you can take a specialization in HR management, then after graduating you can become a company Recruiter.

HRD staff

There is a difference between a Recruiter and a staff member or leader for the human resources department. Recruiter is a part of HR or human resources department.Still the same as a Recruiter, for those of you who want to be totally involved in this field, your must focus on HR management while studying management.

In a company's human resources department, your job is not only to recruit potential staff candidates to be placed in certain fields in the company where you work. You must also ensure that all aspects, skills and experience, including character, of this candidate match the job offered by the company where you work.

Banking Consultant


In contrast to business in general, banking consultants are only directly related to various banks. So for those of you who are interested in this profession, immediately focus on banking management during your Management lecture. Even though many fintechs are now available as alternative banking products, banks are still needed.