Tips to Improve Student Concentration in Studying 10 Jul 2024

Tips to Improve Student Concentration in Studying

Concentration is important for a student's success in learning. Learning concentration or a person's ability to focus their thoughts on certain activities will maximize students' ability to absorb the core learning delivered by the teacher. So it is not surprising that teachers often ask their students to focus or concentrate when studying. The following are tips for increasing student concentration in studying.

What are some tips for increasing student concentration in studying?

Minimize distractions when studying

Even though the school has been arranged in such a way as to be a place for students to study safely and comfortably, it is not uncommon for there to be small things that go unnoticed and become a distraction for students when studying. What could potentially be a distraction for students when studying? The condition of student benches and chairs must be good and balanced.

If not addressed immediately, it can disturb students when writing or doing activities in class. Noisy sounds can also disturb students from studying. Teachers must make firm agreements with students about when they are allowed to ask questions, express opinions, or talk.

That way, the learning atmosphere will be more conducive. Another thing that can be a distraction is the teacher's appearance when teaching, for example wearing clothes with mismatched colors, the smell of strong perfume, or using accessories that are too flashy. An effective way to train students to focus on learning is to avoid things that have the potential to divert students' attention from the lesson material.

Ensure students are ready to learn

Students who are not ready to study are usually lazy about studying and even disturb their friends when studying. Teachers must encourage all students to prepare the equipment needed for learning such as books, stationery and other necessary supporting equipment.

The next thing that can be done to make students focused and ready to learn is to provide fun activities such as ice breakers or energizers which can make students focus again on the lesson.

Applying appropriate teaching methods

One tip that can be done to train students' concentration is to apply appropriate learning methods. There are many teaching methods, but not all methods can be applied to subject matter. Certain materials may only be suitable for certain teaching methods. Teaching methods that suit student character and student needs can make learning meaningful and more enjoyable. That way students become more enthusiastic and focused when studying.

Provide sufficient rest time

The way to train the brain to concentrate is to give students enough rest time, not too short and not too long. Students' physical and psychological conditions can affect students' learning concentration.

It is a big mistake if teachers want to make students concentrate on learning by asking them to study continuously without stopping. Recess is not just about letting students roam outside the classroom. Teachers can give study breaks when they see students are tired. The teacher can fill it with storytelling or a series of other activities that can make students fresh and ready to learn again.

Encourage playing games to improve concentration

Training students' concentration and focus on learning can also be done by inviting them to play games to improve concentration. Examples of games that can be an alternative way to focus on students' learning include guessing pictures, memory games, chain messages, freeze games, Simon Says and many more. Teachers can also modify existing games to suit students' needs and characters.

Factors that Influence Student Learning Concentration

1. Environment

The environment has a big influence on a person's level of concentration. A comfortable and conducive environment can support higher concentration. Usually people find it difficult to concentrate in a crowded place, although there are also types of people who actually focus more when listening to music. Well, these environmental factors can be explained as follows:

2. Voice

There are people who actually find it easier to concentrate when listening to certain sounds such as music, for example. However, on the other hand, quite a few people need a quiet and quiet place so they can concentrate. Apart from the two types of people above, there are also people who seem indifferent and can concentrate in quiet or busy situations.

3. Lighting

Another environmental factor is lighting. Although the effect is not as big as the effect of sound, the effect of lighting can increase or decrease concentration. In general, the ideal place to study is one that has bright enough lighting, but there are also types of people who feel more concentrated in a dark room.

4. Temperature or Temperature

Students will lose concentration because they feel the AC is too cold. Or vice versa because the air in the classroom is hot. This proves that the temperature in the place of study is an important factor in influencing study concentration.

5. Learning Design

The next factor that influences student learning concentration is learning design. The designs in question are various media and learning support facilities. Like the classrooms and comfortable seating.

6. Modalities for Learning

Learning modality can be interpreted as the ability to process any information conveyed by the teacher. In this case, the influence includes the teacher's creativity in delivering learning material to students. If more information is received and then absorbed by students, the level of concentration will be better.

7. Psychological Conditions

Students who are having a load of problems find it more difficult to concentrate. Family problems, problems with friends and so on will become psychological conditions that reduce study concentration. Therefore, this psychological problem must be resolved so that concentration can be good again.

8. Association

Students' social factors can also influence their learning concentration. Students who mix with children who are lazy about studying will also find it difficult to concentrate.

The various factors that influence students' learning concentration should be known and understood by teachers so they can provide appropriate treatment. A school environment that is conducive and supports student concentration can also have an influence.


So, those are tips for increasing student concentration in studying. Teachers must apply ways to focus on learning to students so that they can become good habits for students. That way it will be easier for teachers to achieve the desired learning goals.